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Probate Advice and the Administration of Estates

Our Probate and Estate administration services include:


  • Obtaining a Grant of Probate

  • Full administration of an Estate

  • Advising when someone has died without leaving a Will (‘intestacy’)

  • Advising on post-death Deeds of Variation

  • Advising beneficiaries and executors about claims against a Will or a deceased’s estate

  • Many people find professional assistance invaluable in dealing with the sometimes overwhelming documentation and procedures that arise following the death of a family member or friend. We will be pleased to meet you to discuss this in a clear and sensitive manner.


Barringtons Solicitors can assist with any aspect of the Estate of someone who has died. This includes assisting solely with obtaining the Grant of Probate or the complete administration of an Estate: contacting all of the relevant beneficiaries and organisations and distributing the assets in accordance with the Will.


An individual who dies without a valid Will dies intestate and there are strict legal rules that determine who inherits their assets.  We can explain who is entitled to what and assist in locating beneficiaries.


In certain circumstances it is possible to change the terms of someone’s Will or even the fixed intestacy provisions after they have died. This usually requires the agreement of everyone who is affected but there are situations where this might be appropriate:  for example a beneficiary may prefer to pass their inheritance directly to their children for Inheritance Tax purposes. These changes are made by a ‘Deed of Variation’ which we can prepare.


We can advise in relation to any potential claim you might have against an Estate if you think that you have been unfairly excluded from a Will of someone who has died. If you are an executor of a Will that is being challenged we can also advise you in relation to the merits of the claim and your duties as the executor of the Will.

For probate advice, call Barringtons Solicitors, Farnham, on:

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