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Wills, Trusts and Tax Planning

Our specialist solicitors in this area are Joanne Baddeley and Becca Panton and our services include:


•  Will creation

•  Reviewing your existing Will

•  Inheritance Tax planning

•  The creation of lifetime Trusts

•  Asset protection for children and vulnerable individuals

•  Advising on long term care planning

•  Declarations of Trust for jointly owned properties

•  Digital Wills and your online legacy


Every adult should make a Will to ensure that their assets pass to their chosen beneficiaries in a tax efficient way. However, the detail can be as complex as your personal circumstances and it is always advisable to seek legal advice. Although many people would rather not talk about their mortality we know that most people feel better when they have made a Will. Our aim is to make the whole process as straightforward and as easy as possible.


If you are concerned about Inheritance Tax we can advise you on ways you can be tax efficient both in your Will and in your lifetime. We can explain the tax exemptions and reliefs your assets may be eligible for.


Where you wish to protect assets for particular individuals or in particular scenarios Barringtons Solicitors can suggest appropriate structures, including the use of Trusts.


If you own your home jointly we can review how the property is owned and prepare a Declaration of Trust to formally set out the ownership and the proportions owned by each party. A Declaration of Trust protects your interests if you co-habit or if you have purchased property jointly with your parents or children.


It is important to review your Will and your Inheritance Tax planning periodically, particularly if your personal or financial circumstances change. We can review your current arrangements even if you made and store your existing Will with another solicitor.

For help with Will creation, get in touch with Barringtons Solicitors, Farnham, on:

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Joanne Baddeley

Associate Solicitor

Becca Panton


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